The Best Plasma Cutters

Whether you’re a welder or maintain a property or you keep fixing things at the house, you’ll always need a plasma cutter that can make your work easier.

You can use a plasma cutter to perform various jobs such as automobile repair, home construction, art installations, and much more.

Plasma cutters have now become a popular trend among industrial workers because they provide better performance and precision at work. They can improve your quality of work and make you look professional. They are now very affordable, and there are plenty of them available on the market.

Our aim is to make it easier for you to narrow down the best plasma cutter and find the one that matches your needs. So, pick from our list of the 6 best plasma cutters, which includes the most powerful and precise amps with amazing cutting capabilities.

6. Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Hand Plasma System

Hypertherm is well known for designing amazing and advanced products. This device is American-made and has a very sturdy design. Hypertherm is an excellent name in this industry, and it manufactures tools that you can easily rely on. If you’re looking for a high-performance, top-notch cutting tool that can save your day, this device is an ideal one.

Main features

The Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Hand Plasma System is a portable and compact tool that delivers outstanding performance for cutting different types of metals. It can also deliver higher levels of power if there is a need to cut thicker and stronger metals.

It is very easy to use, and all you have to do is connect it to the gas and power supply. It has two plugs for operating on 120 V and 240 V. To operate it faster and with more power, you can use the 240 V connection.

The cutter features the patent drag-cutting technology. It can cut up to 5/8″ metal and cuts very precisely on thin metals. The unit comes with a rugged case, shaded glasses, cutting gloves, carry strap, auto-voltage and plug adapters, and FineCut consumables. The Duramax LT torch is impact and heat resistant and is very easy to use as well.


  • Input current at 3.8 kW: 120-240 V, 1-PH, 25-18.8 A
  • Input voltages: 120-240 V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz
  • Weight with 15′ torch: 21.4 lbs.
  • Dimensions with handles: 14″ x 6.6″ x 12″
  • Gas supply: Dry, clean, oil-free air or nitrogen
  • Power supply type inverter: IGBT
  • Engine drive requirement: 5.5 kW for 30 A output
  • Output current: 15-30 A
  • Rated output voltage: 125 VDC
  • Input power cable length: 3 m
  • Recommended gas inlet: 113.3 l/min at 5.5 bar (80 psi)


5. Everlast PowerPro TIG Stick Pulse 40A Plasma Cutter

If you are in search of a portable and sturdy plasma cutter and TIG welder, then try the Everlast PowerPro Plasma Cutter. This plasma cutter is an ideal choice for performing chores related to maintenance, repair, and cutting metals such as titanium, stainless steel, and chrome moly. It is a three-in-one package as it can be used as plasma cutter, stick welder, and a TIG welder. This plasma cutter is mostly used for light fabrication chores and portable repairs.

Main features

This plasma cutter includes two torches, one TIG torch and the other plasma torch, both of 12 inches. The device can be controlled digitally and comes with a user manual for ease of use. The inverter of the unit can operate on both 110 V and 220 V input currents. It can produce currents up to 40 amps when used as a plasma cutter and cut with a speed of 20 rpm. There is an over-current indicator that warns when the duty cycle exceeds.

This device is designed to consume less power because it has a built-in inverter. It can easily and smoothly cut and weld all types of metals. The arc stability is amazing for stick and TIG functions.


  • Stick: 120 A
  • TIG: 160 A
  • Plasma cutter: 40 A
  • AC and DC output for welding metals
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches
  • Welder with pulse and plasma cutter
  • Two position pulse
  • Inverter technology for low power consumption
  • Can weld 3/16″ on single pass on AC TIG, 5/8″ cut on plasma, and 3/8″ on DC TIG


4. Super Deal Plasma Cutter Cutting 50 AMP CUT-50 Digital Inverter

If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, then you should try the Super Deal Plasma Cutter because it is very easy to use and affordable. It is an ideal choice for those whose job requires cutting metals of different shapes, thicknesses, and sizes. Instead of using other tools such as a jigsaw, you can use this plasma cutter to make your job simpler. This cutter has a sturdy design and is loaded with features.

Main features

The Super Deal Plasma Cutter is an auto dual outlet device, which means that it can be used in two ways. It doesn’t come with an air hose or plug, but if you need one, you can buy it. If you want to purchase a plug, you can go for the 110 or 220 V plug. The device is used to cut many different types of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel, and others. The cutting performance depends on the metal you’re cutting because thin metals can be cut more precisely. The package includes two plasma tips, welding face mask, cutting torch LG-40, pressure-reducing valve, a small manual, grounding clamp, and some more accessories.

This plasma cutter can cut metals with a thickness of 1 to 12 mm, and it also has a switch for a delay of 2.5 and 5 seconds. The cutting torch is attached to a 7- to 8-feet long heavy-duty cord.


  • Voltage: 110/220 V, 60 Hz, 3.5/4.8 kVA
  • Current range: 20-50 A
  • No load voltage: 230 V
  • Insulation class: F
  • Main fuse: 16/22 A
  • Maximum cutting thickness: 1-12 mm
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Duty cycle: 60%


3. Primeweld Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

Primeweld Cut50 has been designed to withstand rigorous and extensive use in construction and industrial areas. It is also ideal to be used for home projects as it is very easy to use. This plasma cutter cuts very fast and precisely and can cut different types of metals easily as compared to other plasma cutters. Its design makes it perfect to be used by hobbyists, garage workers, or construction-related personnel.

Main features

The Primeweld plasma cutter is powered by 50 amps and can be used with a two-voltage option of 110 V and 220 V. It can achieve a maximum cutting thickness of ¾” and 5/8″ for mild steel, ½” for aluminum, and ½” for stainless steel.

You can use the plasma cutter on a steady output when you have to cut thinner metals, and if you want to cut harder and thicker metals, you can switch to the high-power output. If you want to switch between 110 V and 220 V, you can use the regular house outlet and connect the one you want.

The package includes an air filter and regulator, 4 clamps, 3 prong ground clamps, air hose connections, and 2 coupler air hose. It provides a clean and accurate cut, and there is no hassle of cleaning or maintenance, fire hazard, and noxious gases. The MOSFET transistors deliver high power for thick metals and steady output for thin metals.


  • Input voltages: 110-220 V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz
  • Input current: 110-220 V, 1-PH, 20 A
  • Output current: 10-50 A
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions with handle: 381 x 152.4 x 34.8 mm
  • Gas supply: Clean and dry, oil-free air


2. Lotos LTP5000D 50 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

The Lotos LTP5000D is an affordable and high-performing plasma cutter, and it serves various purposes of welding and cutting. This plasma cutter is used by many professional welders because it is one of the most portable ones. It can easily cut through metals and is a very powerful plasma cutter.

Main features

The Lotos LTP5000D pilot arc plasma cutter can easily cut metals such as alloy steel, aluminum, mild steel, copper, and stainless steel. It uses the MOSFET transistor which allows it to provide steady output for thinner metals and high output for thicker metals. The pilot arc technology provides less slag, which makes it easier to clean up.

The device is a dual voltage one, that is, you can use it on either 110 or 220 V. It also uses an air compressor that allows it to cut more precisely. However, this air compressor is not included in the package. It has a maximum rated clean-cut thickness of ½” and maximum severance thickness of ¾”.


  • Weight: 26.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 15 inches
  • Amperage output: 10-50 A
  • Voltage power input: 110/220 V
  • Metal thickness: Up to ¾”


1. Lotos LTPDC2000D

The Lotos LTPDC2000D is one of the top plasma cutters on the market as it includes a comprehensive package. The package includes all the accessories that you need to start with welding or cutting. It is a 3-in-1 machine that can perform plasma cutting, stick welding, and TIG welding. This multipurpose device delivers good value for money and is an excellent choice for all the welders and cutters.

Main features

The Lotos LTPDC2000D is very easy to use as you just have to turn on the switch, set the current, and start using it. It can easily weld materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, molybdenum, and ferrous alloys. It can allow you to create a clean and strong contact with the metal easily and deliver you a smooth and precisely cut metal.

It is very durable as it is made up of Infineon IGBT power drive matrix. In spite of being a sturdy and high-performing device, it is very compact and portable. It is a dual voltage machine which requires a higher voltage of around 200 to 220 V AC power to perform precisely. Its pilot arc feature is amazing and allows you to cut without creating much mess.


  • Weight: 43 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 8 x 12.5 inches
  • Dual frequency
  • Gas supply for cutting: Air
  • Automatic dual voltage: 110-220 V
  • Amperage: 10-50 A for cutting


Final Verdict

All the plasma cutters listed in this post are very efficient as they easily cut through thin and thick metals and deliver precisely and smoothly cut metal. Our top pick is the Lotos LTPDC2000D because it has all the features that an advanced plasma cutter and welder should have.

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