Everlast PowerARC IGBT Welder Review

Welding is a process of fabricating and sculpturing two materials to join them together. It is usually done on thermoplastics and metals by producing fusion that is different from other metal-joining techniques that use a lower temperature, such as soldering and brazing.

These other techniques do not melt the metal base, but in welding, not only is the metal base melted, but a filler material is also usually added to where the joint is to be made to make a weld pool of melted materials. The joint that is formed is often stronger than the metal base when this weld pool cools down. Pressure is also used sometimes, by itself or in combination with heat, to make the joint.

The Everlast PowerARC IGBT Welder is a dual-voltage, 140 A, Lift Start DC TIG welder, which makes it great for welding stainless steel. The automatic dual voltage mode works on both 120 V and 240 V.

It comes with 25 mm DINSE-style connectors which are best for easy connection. It also comes with a built-in manual gas valve in the torch handle.

Portable and Consumes Less Power

The Everlast PowerARC IGBT Welder has a stable and smooth DC arc. It comes with an automatic hot start which reduces the electrode sticking and, hence, consumes less energy.

It is a low power-consuming equipment with an industrial standard at rated amps of 35% duty cycle. The welder is also portable and can be moved around easily from one project to another.

User-Friendly Device

Apart from being portable and power-friendly, the Everlast PowerARC IGBT Welder is very easy to set up and understand, even for novices.

It features an Adaptive Arc Force Control System and a digital display with easy current and repeatability settings. It also comes with a built-in manual gas valve for torch control. Overall, it has a lot of customization options and is a very user-friendly device.

Moreover, Everlast is a trusted brand with an appreciable customer service. The combination of all these things makes the Everlast PowerARC welder a very good deal.

Product Specifications

  • Input voltages: 120 V to 240 V, single phase
  • Frequency of input current: 50 Hz to 60 Hz
  • Output voltage: 120 V to 240 V, single phase
  • Output current: 140 A
  • 25 mm DINSE-style connectors
  • Duty cycle: 35% on rated amperes
  • Lift Start DC TIG setting
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 12.5″ x 13.5″
  • Model number: PA140
  • DC power source
  • Great for stainless steel and steel
  • Built-in manual gas valve in the torch handle
  • Max output on 120 V: 85 A
  • Dual Voltage (120 V or 240 V)

Performance and Recommendation

The Everlast PowerARC IGBT Welder is a straightforward and a comparatively easy-to-use welder. In stick mode at 120 V, it can burn up to six 1/8 6013 rods easily back to back.

However, when you hear the name Everlast, you expect the duty cycle to be continuous, but that is not the case here, so you might need to keep this in mind while doing heavy welding. There are no foot pedals available either, so it is a good idea to have precise gauges with you when you are working with this welder.

Overall, it is a fine machine and lays down smooth and nice beads of welding. Everlast’s customer service is satisfactory, and the product comes in a good and secure packaging. For the price, it is not a bad deal and is worth looking into.

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