The Best Heavy Duty Office Chairs

Heavy duty office chairs are crafted for a crowd of larger size or even for those that handle their chairs roughly.

When you go on the hunt for one, be sure to know what a heavy-duty chair consists of. here are reviews of four heavy duty office chairs to get you started.

These types of office chairs are meant to provide support and comfort in places a regular office chair cannot reach. Having one can greatly improve your joints and even be relaxing to your muscles if the chair is set up correctly.

La-Z-Boy 45783 Bellamy Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

La-Z-Boy was founded in 1927, and it's a brand name that describes a lot of us these days.

Their furniture, on the other hand, is not the product of a lazy mind. Instead, they push hard to create a better seat for our offices.


  • Memory Foam: Each piece of furniture La-Z-Boy makes is created to suit the need of its owner.  With La-Z-Boy's Bellamy Executive you will feel more than comfort. You will feel like you are sinking into the physical form of love as you sit down on the memory foam. Memory foam is used to mold- or shape- with anything warm that touches it. In doing so, it can create an insane relief when you take your seat.
  • Adjustments: When you sit down and get used to your memory foam office chair, remember that you can also adjust the height and tilt. That way you are free to take a little nap during lunch and relax your body throughout the day.
  • Color: Often, office chairs are not color schemed in a way they look right to the potential buyer. With that being said, La-Z-Boy nailed the brown upholstery with the wooden mocha frame. It's sure to go well with the furniture you already have.


  • Comfort: This memory foam office chair also uses leather to give it that beautiful look, but the leather parts aren't the most comfortable.
  • Waterfall Seating: The waterfall seating is supposed to give you better circulation while you are sitting, but because the seating is padded with memory foam, they did not think about how it would still push up at your legs. This cancels out the use of the waterfall seating and is nearly equivalent to a straightened seat. In my opinion, anyway.

SPACE Seating Professional R2 SpaceGrid Back Chair

This memory foam office chair brings life to those who sit in it.

The back is a breathable mesh material while the seat is a padded mesh to keep the memory foam in good use and not stiff.


  • Lumbar Support: The lumbar support is adjustable which reaches a larger range of people who may be interested in purchasing a memory foam office chair.
  • Protected: With a heavy duty gunmetal finished base, this office chair can avoid corrosion and look stylish while doing it. This base will keep it from rusting as well.
  • Adjustable: Not only can you adjust the height of the chair, but you can also adjust the armrests to be out of your way if you do not need them.


  • Memory Foam Lifespan: Like most memory foam office chairs, is bound to bring you to the hard surface after a long while of being seated. Memory foam may be great, but sometimes being you consistently can take away what made it great in the first place.

Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair

Oversize Leather Chair - Able to hold up to 500 pounds, this heavy duty office chair gives a wide range of potential clients the chance to find their fit.


  • Adjustable: The adjustable headrest allows you to choose what is comforting to you and what keeps your back properly aligned.
  • Build: Its shape is built to hold a bigger person, but it can also be roomy for someone smaller. Though you are not supposed to curl into an office chair, there are some who do it anyway. Heavy duty office chairs are a great source for that.
  • Style: Bold and a base of chrome, this oversize leather chair is created with a simple style that fits in with almost any office setting.


  • Stability: Doing a little more research into the chair, there is one thing many others also noticed; the chair has little stability. The gas lift and wheels are something that people could be putting on wrong during assembly, but if you decide to take in the chair make sure you are putting it together correctly.

VIVA OFFICE High Back Bonded Leather Office Chair

High Back Bonded Leather - High backs are a favorite among the office world, especially if you have to work from early mornings to late nights.

Leather is known to be comfortable and hold its own against the normal wear and tear of office chairs. With heavy-duty nylon casters and base this chair can hold up to 250 pounds with ease.


  • Padded: The armrests, the seat, the headrest and the back are all padded. This heavy duty office chair allows you to stay in a relaxed state while the pressure is released from your joints.
  • Recline: This chair reclines back just enough for you to rest and enjoy your breaks or just some time to yourself in between any assignments you might have.


  • Lumbar Adjustment: Without a lumbar adjustment, the chair lacks to stay fit for the majority of people it is intended for.

Heavy-duty office chairs can be a hit and miss. These chairs intend to cater to a certain crowd, but often miss the mark of 100% satisfactory (though they come pretty close).

When dealing with chairs such as these, or any chair for that matter, make sure to assemble it correctly or find someone who can.

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