The Best Leather Desk Chairs

Genuine leather chairs look beautiful, but they take a lot of beating in a short time. Real leather chairs last a long time, but they normally come in limited builds and styles.

When it comes to choosing the perfect chair for your needs (health, work or even gaming) there are many aspects to take into account.

One aspect to consider is if the chair will last you for years or just a few months to a year. You may also want to consider if the chair will support you in both weight and taking pressure off of your spine.

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair

This Ergolux leather desk chair is sleek, stylish and comfortably supportive. At first sight, the chair looks casual, but on closer look, you will see that there is a lot of pro features.


  • Adjustable- From headrest to wheels, this leather desk chair brings comfort to an entirely new level. The backrest, armrests, seat and overall height of the chair are all adjustable to allow the chair to be more of your fit.
  • Design- GM Seating made it clear that they wanted to stand out. They used genuine leather to capture the sleek texture and give it a minimal, yet professional, look.
  • Support- As mentioned, the adjustable sections on this chair can bring you closer to comfort. However, even with the least amount of adjustment, there is always the shape. A headrest that is not flat, but concaved and curved to comfortably fit your head (or neck, if needed). A waterfall edged seat to keep the blood flow to your legs circulating and making it uncomfortable to sit on the edge of the seat, 3D armrests to better fit the person's arms. Also, the shaped backrest that properly supports the back, encouraging the seated person to sit up straight.


  • Material- Although the genuine leather is considered real leather and a beautiful and stylish touch, its design is also its downfall. Genuine leather looks beautiful, but the wear is easy to lose after constant use.
  • Maintenance- With a lot of genuine leather, it is often forgotten that more stains [than not] are very visible- especially on a black surface. This means you would have to buy a special cleaner and maintain more than other leathers.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Armless Ribbed Designer Task Chair

Mid-Back Armless Ribbed Task Chair- Another minimal, yet sleek, design this leather office chair offers lower back support for the office employee in need of a straightening out.

The armless leather office chair is perfect for a meeting room as it will not be used as often as an employee's desk chair.


  • Padding- As every person who sits in a chair knows, a little padding has never hurt a soul. This leather office chair provides consistent padding for the bottom and lower back of the person sitting down.
  • Design- With the chrome border as a base, this real leather office chair pulls itself together regardless of which room it will be spinning in. The chrome with a black real leather material allows this chair to touch up nearly any room, but it can also do a great job blending in because of its size.


  • Usage- With this minimalist design comes a minimalist time use. This leather desk chair was created for the office personnel for meetings. Using this chair for long-term work would be a mistake after just a few months to a year as the padding would flatten quickly and before you know it you will be sitting on chrome.


Homall Executive Swivel Leather Office Chair

Homall Leather Desk Chair- Without using a typical office chair design, Homall executed the comfort and support of what a real leather chair should be.


  • Versatility- This leather office chair can be used to sit at the office from home or in an office. It can also be used comfortably for a fantastic gaming experience as well as napping.
  • Functionality- Unlike some other office chairs, this one tilts back allowing you to rock back and forth- which can be handy if you need some sleep.
  • Support- Using a larger seat to give more room to your bottom lets you rest for a bit longer. This leather desk chair also has a curved back to fit you comfortably with your spine as it keeps your back straight most times.


  • Style- Though the multiple uses for this leather desk chair can be useful, its style choice takes away from a professional setting. This chair would be a chair you sacrifice looks for your health benefits as it looks like it belongs in a gaming room before an office.
  • Seat- Using a longer seat can be damaging to someone's legs if their legs are not long enough. This would have been a perfect time to execute the waterfall seating edge. Unlike the waterfall edged seat, a straight seat can slow down blood circulation at the knees or thighs if the person does not sit correctly. This means less working and more time trying to pull your legs out of a deep sleep or attempting to get comfortable.

After reading through these reviews you should be more than ready to decide where your heart lies (or your bottom sits).

Always remember you have a choice in which style, build, and functionality you will be sitting on when you choose your leather desk chair.

Have you been able to take a leather office chair for a spin? If so, do you still have that chair and would you recommend it? If you were not happy with your chair, let us know why.

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