The Best Luxury Office Chairs

Luxury office chairs are as great as they sound. When dealing with traditional or generic chairs, you do not often get a long lifespan and they are very much a one-size-fits-none option. With more premium models like the ones featured here, you can adjust and alter the chair to your heart's content, and save money on absenteeism (through back-related injuries, for example).

VIVA OFFICE High Back Bonded Leather Executive Chair

Viva Office Chairs are always a great option. They specialize in office chairs and do well from it. We like their Viva Office Executive model.


  • Comfort: When you sit down, you should be comfortable. You should not have to get up every two minutes and take away from your work due to a chair that does not fit your body. The padding on this luxury office chair is just enough to keep you comfortable while you work, but not too much that it sacrifices its support.
  • Support: Speaking of support, the Leather Executive keeps its support of the lower back. Viva Office Chairs takes pride in its lumbar support and consistently keeps that support throughout every office chair they create. Executive chairs often fall short as most companies focus only on head and neck support and forget that keeping the back straightened is just a dangerous situation. When dealing with this chair, you get the full support you need from head to toe.
  • Build: With adjustable height and curvy backrest, the luxury office chair moves mountains. It allows you to rock back and even lean forward giving you access to a tilt lock to keep you from falling in either direction. Its waterfall seating is one of the important parts as this is what keeps your legs from falling asleep so quickly and losing circulation.


  • Variety: As you will notice, many companies hold a vast majority of dark or black office chairs under their belt. Viva Office Chairs is one of them. Brown and black dominate the world office so it is understandable why they would take this route. However, it would be pretty great to see some change since they are already sticking to designs that making most other companies work harder.

Giantex Executive Ergonomic Office Desk Sports Chair

Giantex Executive Ergonomic - When someone says the words, "luxury office chair" naturally you would think of a glorious chair that can fly you to the moon!

Okay, maybe not that far into imagination, but you would think it would be hard to find a simple chair that can give you that life of luxury and still support you. Giantex has you covered!


  • Simple Shape: Very few companies can pull off the simple shape of a luxury chair. In fact, you will find that those that are simple, lack shape at all and those that are full of shape lack simplicity (have a bunch of levers a lot of us do not need). Giantex's Executive Ergonomic has both. From one simple lever to adjust the chair's height to a simple tilting so that rocking back and forth is not like playing the trust game.
  • Build: As mentioned in the Viva Office review, a lot of companies create executive chairs with too much headrest and not enough back support. Giantex has also found a way to have both by keeping the padding and backrest simple. The backrest has a slight concave back to support your lower back from having an insane amount of pressure, but the padding does not try to jam in three inches only to make it uncomfortable.


  • Flat: The build of this luxury chair is brilliant, but it is also flat. The use of this executive chair would be for moderate use rather than the use of someone who almost lives at the office and vacations at home.

LexMod Escape Midback Office Chair

LexMod Escape - Saving the best for last, the LexMod Escape sounds like a fancy car you would enjoy driving.

Well, it is not a car, it is one of the best luxury office chairs you will find. Having over 10 years in the business, LexMod knows what a chair needs to feel comfortable, have style, and be supportive.

The Escape is a perfect example of what a luxury office chair should feel like and look like.


  • Style: Everything you see dealing with luxury for an office chair changes when chrome frames get involved. There are a few other companies who make this move to "spice up" the office chair industry, but no one does it like LexMod. From a chrome frame to the padded seating, backrest, and armrests comes a style you can be proud of.
  • Build: Just as the others, this build is equipped with the waterfall seating. It helps the body's blood flow continue through the legs and it also allows you to continue working longer than if it would have a straight seating. Its curved back keeps the body good and moves with anyone who sits in it.


  • Armrest: The simpler the better, we can agree on that. However, LexMod's slip with Escape was not choosing a general height for the armrests. Being too high for most, the armrests could have been a little lower, but because they are not it limits who would buy and keep the chair. This is, though, an extremely small price to pay for a chair that satisfies all categories.

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