Best Office Reception Chairs Review

Founded in 1976, Boss Office Products knows a thing or two about the chairs they supply businesses and other customers with.

Sure, many other companies have been in the business longer, but that does not always mean they are the greatest.

With the knowledge Boss have, they keep up with the times and growth of the community. This, in the long run, is a great way to attract new and old buyers when they see the variety of office chairs provided.

What makes a great office reception chair for you? Have you seen any Boss chairs that you like or dislike more than the others? Let us take a look at a few office reception chairs and decide which are better and if the brand is worth it.

Boss Traditional Black Caressoft Guest Chair Black

Capturing the look of the traditional tufted upholstery, the Black Caressoft keeps the old fashioned look, but delivers good back support.


  • Tradition: The old fashioned, brass, tufted look is what keeps this office reception chair high ranked. Boss Office Products always offers the traditional make of office chairs. This means they are not foreign to the style and they nail it every time.
  • Design: With a wooden frame and cushioned seat and backing, the Caressoft ensures comfort while the seat is occupied. Even though the seat would not be great in the long-term, no one would be sitting in the chair more than just a few minutes.


  • Care: Keeping the style traditional is a good thing if that is what you are looking for. On the other hand, traditional wears out faster than what most of today's manufacturers are using. Keeping sight of those that will be using the chairs Boss should realize this type of chair would need to be replaced more often. Especially with children being curious and may end up picking at the chair and after some time notice the brass begin to come out.

Mid Back Wood Finished Guest Chair

Unlike their Caressoft office reception chair, Boss Office Products' Mid Back Wood Finished chair is a rare sight for sore eyes.

Combining a desk chair with a reception chair, they created a unique chair for the waiting room.


  • Comfort: Though many others do not take comfort into consideration when it comes to office reception chairs (or guest chairs) Boss delivers a chair that gives comfort anyway. When a waiting room has comfort- in any establishment- it relaxes the guest and lowers the chance of hitting conflict. In this case, the guest would melt in their seat and probably not mind staying seated for a few extra minutes.
  • Design: By fusing an office reception chair with an executive design, the chair may even be used as a temporary desk chair. That is if the person would not mind being stationary.


  • Assembly: As simple as the structure may seem, many people have had trouble putting this office reception chair together. It is one sacrifice worth making to get the design the way others would love it.

Boss Leather Sled Base Side Chair

Chic, black, and simple the Leather Sled Base office reception chair keeps the waiting room natural and elegant in a way. With its thick cushioning and steel frame, the chair is durable and comfortable.


  • Durability: Coated with a scratch resistant, the Leather Sled Base can hold up to 250 pounds- though it may get uncomfortable for those with large thighs due to the armrests.
  • Support: Without losing any durability, Boss Office Products delivers a product that has lower back support. They understand that most of our day is spent sitting and every second you sit counts toward good or bad health problems. Taking this into consideration they have a strong, supportive chair.


  • Comfort: Even though it is a comfortable chair, it does not fit comfortably as much as it can hold. This can be a huge problem in a waiting room as all types of people go in and out of waiting rooms.

Boss Mesh Back with Pewter Finish Guest Chair

Once again, Boss understands the support that others need to feel comforted and supported.

Using a breathable mesh and a sled base, this office reception chair brings a sense of style to the room.


  • Style: Keeping it simple and elegant, a room of these chairs in a reception area will keep anyone settled.
  • Design: The build of the sled design is always a plus when you can rock yourself comfortably. Keeping the rubber at the bottom not only stops the metal from scraping the floor, but it keeps the chair itself in place and from sliding around all together.


  • Flaw in Design: Though the sled concept is a great way of keeping things simple, it is also a hazard when the chair is not against the wall. Adults may understand to keep the rocking at a minimum, but when a child is sitting the seat they may overdo it and hurt themselves.

From what has been reviewed, Boss Office Products are not a bad choice. When you know what you want and you know what direction to go in, their products can fit any of your needs with minor cons that are [sometimes] worth the sacrifice.

For instance the assembly over the comfort, style, and overall design of the Mid Back Wood Finished chair.

Office reception chairs are a great way to keep your guests intrigued and happy while they are waiting.

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