The Best Stackable Office Chairs

Stackable office chairs do not always get the recognition they deserve. They can be used in just about any place you can think of and tidying them up is no hassle.

Think about this; you are in a meeting, the boss asks you to clean up the chairs afterwards.

Picking up the chairs and placing them on top of the table probably would not fly by the boss and there are too many to push into the table as it was a staff meeting.

In this situation, stackable chairs just need to be picked up and slid one into the other. This also would help any late night custodians that clean up the building. Their time is just as valuable and the easier the better, right?

Which Works Best?

In the world of office chairs, everything is about comfort. If you are not comfortable sitting for more than a few minutes, how can it be expected that you focus on listening to the speaker? In the setting of a waiting room, though, the comfort level is not as high on the list as simplicity considering not many establishments have people that wait longer than 10 minutes.

Say you happen to work in an office where stackable office chairs are nonexistent, would you know which chairs to suggest to get your boss to make the switch? Here are some suggestions:

Hercules Series 880-Pound Black Polypropylene Stack Chair

Hercules Series 880 Pound - Sporting a titanium frame and black polypropylene (thermoplastic polymer) as the backing and seating, the Hercules Series holds up to 880 pounds of static load.

This means the chair was tested with a constant load of 880 pounds before it began to give way.


  • Breathability- Let's face it, we all have those days where our backs sweat and when we stand from a plastic chair it is noticeable. With this chair, as a few others, there are holes in the backs to prevent or lessen this minor incident from happening. It allows our backs to breathe as much as it can.
  • Easy To Clean up- Spilling something or dropping food on this chair is no problem at all. Due to it being plastic and metal, it can be wiped off with a cleaning wipe. When it comes to putting the chairs away that, too, is a piece of cake and placing the chairs on top of one another is no hassle.


  • Weight- Although this stackable office chair can hold a great amount of weight, that does not make up for its uncomfortable structure. The chair itself is not cushioned so the plastic will pinch into the skin of anyone with thickened thighs.

Hercules Series 1500-Pound High Density Black Fabric Stacking Chair

Hercules Series 1500 Pound - Unlike its sister office chair (the 880 Pound), the 1500 Pound is made with a comforting fabric and is slimmer as well. The 880 can stack, safely, 25 chairs and the 1500 can stack 30.


  • Padding- The 1500 Pound can hold more weight and give more support with its padded seating and backrest. This allows the person to concentrate on more important things over when they will be able to stand next.
  • Uses- The uses of the 1500 Pound vary from office use to waiting room, extra seating in schools and seating at parties. It looks casual anywhere it goes.


  • Breathability- Though the fabric and padding are appreciated for comfort, it is only a step backward from the 880 Pound breathing technique for the backrest.

Black Leather Guest/Reception Chair

Leather Guest/Reception - Thick padding, lower back support and a waterfall seating.

What more could you ask for? Stackable office chairs are common to have in waiting areas and though the guests will not be seated for very long, it is good to keep them comforted- both adults and children.


  • Comfort- When it comes to waiting rooms, we have all had our fair share of uncomfortable seating. However, there comes a moment where we end up in a waiting room after a pretty long day and the chairs are easy to sink in to. This is what the stackable Leather Guest does. It keeps a level of comfort that relaxes you just enough to keep you awake, but still enjoy being seated.
  • Style- Solid colors are normally looked down upon when choosing seating for a room because not everyone can create a sleek and simple design that does not take too much focus from the rest of the decorations.


  • Weight- The weight is a bit more than the other chairs and that leads to not being able to stack as many as the others. Sometimes we can sacrifice the extra padding if it means easier clean up.

Office Factor Side Waiting Room Guest Chair

Office Factor Waiting Room - A simplistic design by Office Factor, this stackable office chair is bound to keep you seated.

It holds up to 250 pounds and has armrests to match the rest of the nylon frame.


  • Design- Simple and to the point, the nylon frame keeps the body of this chair in small, yet not fragile. The padding is not over powering which means you can stack (safely) about 30 chairs in one.
  • Support- The support of the Office Factor's backrest is something most stackable office chairs should follow. It keeps the lower back at ease while allowing you to stay straight and stand without troubles.


  • Simplicity- The simplicity of the design is a great feature, however, this also sacrificed the armrests. Sacrificing the armrests is something that could be detrimental to kids that want to run around or to adults that need the armrest support. A wider, padded armrest would be best or taking away the armrests in general.

As you can see, stackable office chairs are usually simple designs that can have a great use. The clean up is easy and takes a lot less time than constantly moving chairs around to sweep or vacuum.

Whether you are having a conference or just want to keep your waiting area up to par, having anything such as these four will keep people happy and healthy.

Next time you find yourself searching for that perfect chair, just remember simple and light is best in this case.

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