The Best Traditional Office Chairs

More than 20 hours of each day is spent sitting or lying down. You watch television and you are sitting down, you eat and you are sitting down.

Even going to work you are sitting in a car or on a bus. If you work at home there is a chance you use an office chair or if you go to an office there is an even bigger chance you will sit there for hours.

Normally, your employer (or the owner) will furnish your office or cubicle with a traditional office chair for you.

If you work at home, you provide your own chair which gives you a better variety. But how do you find the right one? What makes a traditional office chair better than the wooden chair from your dining room?

Choosing Your Style Based On Your Needs

Style comes in all shapes and sizes. With traditional office chairs,that is no exception. They can be short or tall, be used for long-term use or short-term use, have armrests or no armrests.

One thing they should all have is quality. If your chair does not have good quality material- whether you prefer style over comfort or vice versa- you will not have a chair to last you.

Often, that is what happens when you work for someone else. Everyone uses the chairs and because so many people use those chairs it takes a toll on the swivel, the levers, the material. The chair just begins to fall apart.

When you work for someone else you are told what you to sit in because everyone else has to sit in the same seat.

On a good day, you end up with a chair stuck on the lowest height and one adjustable arm. Then again, we are not talking about a cubicle surrounded by other cubicles, we are shopping for our home office!

Take a look at the list below and get to know what you like and what you are looking for in traditional office chair.

Oxblood Vinyl Luxurious Conference Chair with Casters

Having a conference chair can be more motivating than you might think.

Most conference chairs have a gap between the backrest and the seat can force your body to sit up straight (as if to avoid "falling" through the gap) if you are a natural sloucher.


  • Size- Often, the traditional office chair is large and takes up a lot of space. Some people are only need something simple, small and well... traditional. The size of the Luxurious is perfect for those that work at home, but do not have a lot of space to work with.
  • No Levers- Another advantage would be the lack of levers to adjust. At times when someone sees or remembers they have levers on their chair, they become distracted. This could take up one's time if their hands are preoccupied toying with the levers instead of getting down to business.


  • Comfort- Like most small, traditional office chairs it is not a great chair to sit in for very long. If you are working from home it is likely that you will be sitting at your desk for a lengthy amount of time. After sitting up straight for so long in a chair designed for brief sit downs, you will want to stand up and move all over the place. This is not a great chair for those planning to sit for a long while.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

There has been a craze over traditional office chairs that are mesh.

This craze takes a whole new meaning to the word support since the mesh does not take up a lot of the design.


  • Design- When a chair design includes the cushion, most of that cushion leaves little room for the chair to have a shape to support the back and bottom. However, using mesh allows a stronger lumbar support, a better waterfall seat edge, and a much better head and neck rest.
  • Flexibility- Tension control and a tilt lock are just two features with te Herman Miller Aeron traditional office chair. Rocking yourself to sleep and leaning back for a quick nap all in one spot has never been easier to do.


  • Style- Compared to many other traditional office chairs, the Herman Miller Aeron lacks originality. Though it is not the most important aspect of the chair itself, it would be nice to have a chair with a little more pop to add to the room.

Lorell Swivel Executive Chair

Lorell Swivel Executive - The Swivel Executive is one traditional office chair that takes care of business.

Unlike much of the competition, this chair does not get over stuffed in the headrest and take away its support.


  • Health- Many executive chairs do not take into consideration the size of their headrests. Instead, they overdue it by keeping the back of the executive chairs flat. As anyone who has sat in one of these traditional office chairs will tell you, it is the most unwelcome feeling you can get. Lorell, on the other hand, has realized this and instead of keeping a flat back with an overstuffed headrest, they put padding for the lower back support.
  • Relaxing- The tilt feature of this chair allows the person sitting down to feel good, rejuvenated.


  • Armrests- For this chair, the armrests are fragile. As the framework is made of wood and is durable enough to hold a person, the armrests do not have that same durability. If someone were to constantly use the chair, there is a good chance they would use the arms to push themselves up. Doing this will weaken the woodwork and it would break.

When it comes to choosing which traditional office chair to have at home, it all comes down to what you feel good sitting in.

Unlike working in an office full of others and working under someone, you have the choice to sit comfortably with a bit of style.

Next time you find yourself shopping for a chair, do not be afraid to go for what you want!

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