The Best Tufted Office Chairs

Tufting is the technique of threading layers of fabric to be secured by a button or knot. This technique was first used between the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Now, we see tufting everywhere on various furniture especially in our seating. Tufted office chairs are one of the greatest pieces of furniture to be produced.

They add a certain touch or texture to a room that a simple smooth surfaced office chair cannot do.

Why Choose A Classic or Traditional Chair?

Choosing a tufted office chair is not just a decorative fashion statement to the world. No, when you take a seat in a chair that an upholsterer took their time to craft it gives you a sense of pride and of course comfort.

A classic, traditional tufted office chair gives you more padding and feels as if the comfort received was made just for you. Even falling asleep in the chair would make you feel like you are sleeping on a bed of pillows.

Which Is Better?

Picking and choosing if a traditional is better than a classic is silly when you can easily have both right under you.

When looking for an office chair, you want to be relaxed and stand up without any pains. Then again, there are people out there that prefer style and design over comfort.

These are usually people that do not have to sit in their chairs very often at their workplace.

A classic is something of high quality- held to a high standard, while tradition is merely a common practice of that something.

You can have both, but there are things you need to look out for. Know what you are going for and what you would rather have- style, quality, and comfort.

As mentioned before, there are some out there who prefer to skip comfort and that also means there are companies out there making uncomfortable chairs.

So to get things kickstarted, here are just a few traditional and classic chairs to look into.

High Back Traditional Tufted Brown Leather Executive Swivel Office Chair

More for the beauty than its longevity, this tufted office chair has a pillowed headrest and a high back for the tall. Its pattern is common, but it looks like a work of art.


  • Placement- This tufted office chair will go well in almost any office or home to give a professional look and feel for anyone that walks in.

  • Design- The pillowed headrest takes the cake on this chair. It holds a great deal of cushion to cater to anyone dealing with small neck pains.


  • Comfort- There are some people who would prefer to have a beautiful chair that lacked comfort. Normally, this would be for those that do not do much sitting at their workplace. However, those that are looking for comfort (especially in the back area), this chair is not for you.

Boss BR99801-BY Classic Traditional Button Tufted Club Chair

From its shining mahogany color to its brass studs, this tufted chair can bring any person to a slumber. Though sleeping in this chair may not be a good idea...


  • Color- There are many tufted office chairs that you would want to see this color on, but a lot cannot execute it the way the traditions keep it going. The mahogany shines on this leather and screams, "Sit here and love yourself a little more!"

  • Comfort- Unlike the High Back Traditional, this classic tufting is done in a way that does not compromise its comfort. With soft seating and a padded back, your body is bound to feel at home as the guests in your office or home. Who knows, they may never want to leave!
  • Design- These days, you do not get many companies that can create a chair without using a lot of metal to keep it together. Here, you see that the metal is used as a finishing touch while the wood keeps the chair together.


  • Usage- The use of this chair is not necessarily for working behind a desk, but more for waiting and relaxing.

Boss Traditional Oxblood Vinyl Guest Chair with Mahogany Finish

Created by the same company that created the Boss Classic Traditional, this classic tufted office chair is also a chair for guests.

Its color is just as beautiful as its sister chair and the woodwork is quite simple.


  • Design- The simplistic design within this guest chair is perfect for smaller offices. The tufting done to keep the comfort of padding is simple as well, but still feels like it was created from a bed of pillows.


  • Comfort- Unfortunately, this guest chair is not at the same comfort level as the Boss Classic Traditional. After a moment of sitting in this chair, you would be fidgeting and itching to get up as it would feel like you are sinking. This would most likely be after just a few uses.

Zuo Modern Boutique Office Chair, White

Casting a modern spin on the classic, Zuo's Modern Boutique allows you to have the comfort of your classic feel with the ability to swivel and get things done.


  • Movement- Although the stationary tufted office chair (such as the Boss Classic Traditional) is a nice touch for a small office, the Zuo Modern brings movement to an office by having the wheels and the swivel.

  • Style- The pattern on the back of this chair keeps the eyes focused on the chair. It makes onlookers want to sit down, enjoy it. The headrest is cushioned and keeps your head and neck in a safe position when leaning back in the chair.


  • Color- Though the comfort, style, and movement of the chair are great to see is in shape. The only thing this chair is lacking is a broader selection of color.

Whether you are looking for the classic style or a newer style, for guests or behind a desk there are thousands of tufted office chairs to choose from.

Having a love for the classics or something more traditional gives you a small taste of what used to be created. All you have to do is get out there and do some digging, find your own style.

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