The Best Upholstered Office Chairs

Upholstery is simply the craft of using textile to cover padded furniture. It gives a distinguished look to a lot of furniture and sometimes (even to this day) is done by hand instead of machine.

Though manufacturing upholstered furniture is faster and more accurate, a lot of people prefer to have it created by hand to give it a sense of love, satisfaction. It feels good to know that a lot of work put into something as small as a chair can have a positive impact.

An upholstered office chair is a chair that is

  1. meant for the office setting and
  2. an office chair that is covered with a textile covering.

Sometimes the upholstery is leather and that itself creates a unique, upholstered office chair for the person's experience. Hopefully, you will find one that suits your office or home office.

Which Type Of Upholstery Is Best?

Below, we will review the textures of fur and velvet and even review the old school armless swivel chair.

These chairs are not always thought of as upholstery by a buyer for an office setting, but that is what they are created for.

Not all upholstered office chairs are meant to be office material. Some materials may even have you falling asleep at your desk from a "comfort overload," but there is always a test run for chairs. This first review is a fur upholstered office chair.

Boss B220-FCRM Tiffany Fur Chair, Cream

There are some companies who like to have a little fun with their upholstered chair products. In this case, the Tiffany Fur chair is one of them.


  • Texture: The texture of fur is a relaxing feel for a lot of people. Putting that texture on an upholstered office chair in an environment that can quickly become stressful is an idea that a lot of companies would not touch on for an office setting.

  • Armless: An armless chair can keep a person awake during work. There is a small fear (or embarrassment of falling out of the chair that keeps most people awake. Having put a relaxing and calm texture on an upholstered office chair can be risky as many people would begin to fall asleep if they could relax 100%.


  • Maintenance: Whether or not the office allows its employees to eat or drink at their desks, many do it anyway. In case of a spill, the chair would be hard to clean and by the time the stain does come out there will be a permanent dye in the chair. If it gets wet at all, a paper towel will not be able to simply wipe it up. This is a huge factor in upholstered office chairs and why this chair received a 9 instead of a 10.

  • Longevity: Due to the maintenance being super strict, the chair would not last long in the office before it began to smell of body odor and possibly mold if it was not cleaned the correct way.

This next review comes in as a classic or old school design. Usually seen in schools or used in cubicles, there is a good chance you know what brings this chair to a 9 out of 10 rating.

OFM Posture Series Upholstered Armless Swivel Task Chair

One time or another we have all sat in this chair or an upholstered office chair very similar to it. This chair gives 360 degree swivel with an adjustable height and a backrest with a spine.


  • Spine: The spine attached to the backrest is used to allow the person sitting to lean back. This can shape with the person's spine without touching their back and have them moving comfortably within the chair.

  • Longevity: A lot of schools use these upholstered chairs in their computer labs for students. These chairs can last at least three years without breaking- if students treat them correctly.


  • Maintenance: The maintenance for this chair is quite low. Unless, again, someone in the office decides to drink at their desk and it spills. Then it will be hard to completely rid the chair of its mess, leaving it to smell.

  • Longevity: Although this chair could last at least three years, there is a good chance it will not last that long. If it is constantly used it will quickly lose its padding and before you know it, you are sitting on the frame.

Finally, we come to an upholstered office chair that may just work for anyone. It has a hidden support for the lower back and keeps you feeling hugged as you take a seat.

AVE SIX Bristol Upholstered Thick Padded Task Chair

An upholstered office chair manufactured with a velvet fabric. This makes it slightly easier to clean than the other two chairs and it remains comfortable.


  • Texture: Just as the the fur texture, this velvet fabric is a sensory calmer. It helps those who need to calm down have an enjoyable, relaxing moment while at the office.

  • Maintenance: Velvet is the type of fabric that gives you a few seconds before a liquid seeps into it. This, in turn, allows the drink spilling employee enough time to wipe it up without a problem.
  • Support: This upholstered office chair has a hidden lower back support. This is good because not only does it provide a chance to relax, it keeps the back feeling great!


  • Armrest: Having armrests could create a sense of total relaxation and allow the employee to start dozing off instead of getting work finished. In situation such as this, the armrests are not the best idea.

After going through a few of the upholstered office chairs, there is a wide variety that meet the standard for everyone.

The cons listed definitely do not apply to every person on the planet, so if you like these chairs try them out!

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