Getting a Chair Keyboard for Your Wrist Problems

A chair keyboard may just be the solution for your strained neck muscle and fingers. Computers have become an inseparable part of our life, whether you are at home surfing the net for recipes or in your office reclining chair working on spreadsheets, there is no escaping the computer system.

With long hours on the computer come the health risks involved. Most computer systems come with sitting instructions, type of chair to be used and that typing on the keyboard for long hours may be a health hazard.

The solution

is ergonomics

Many companies now offer a chair keyboard with their computer systems. Ergonomics is the science of designing equipment which is ideal for the user, with ergonomics a particular device is made to enhance productivity and reduce injuries.

A chair keyboard is made ergonomically; hence, it would be the one which would help people in typing comfortably without straining their fingers or neck.

A standard keyboard is kept at an angle of 90 degrees to the computer, which forces the user to position their arms and wrists accordingly. This may lead to overstraining of arms and fingers leading to related problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

QWERTY keyboards were designed to keep the typist from typing too fast and preventing him from straining the arms that went up and down the typewriter. The same design has been handed down to the computer keyboards, which may not be the requirement. The overuse of standard keyboards and resulting injuries has made the computer companies manufacture chair keyboard.

These computer companies have now come up with not one but two chair keyboards for our ease of use. These chair keyboards are wave style and split key keyboards.

The Wave Style chair keyboard is a combination of the old and new types of keyboards. It retains the 90 degree angle of the standard keyboards. However, the keys are slightly wave shaped so that the typist is comfortable typing wherein the keys take the shape of the fingertips.

This chair keyboard offers optimum protection from uncomfortable position. One such company offering a chair keyboard is Logitech, coupled with new and improved typing rules it protects the users from injuries and optimizes the ability to work.

The other design of the chair keyboard is the Split Key Chair keyboard. The idea is to completely change the angle at which the user works. This is done by splitting the keyboard in two areas, meant exclusively to be used by each hand (left and right).

One such chair keyboard with split keys is Microsoft's Natural Keyboard Elite. It literally splits the keyboard into two halves, hence the name Split Key. The layout of the QWERTY keyboard has been retained so that the user need not learn the keyboard completely. However, with the chair keyboard splitting into two, it's not always possible to strictly stay in the assigned area.

For instance someone accustomed to typing the letter 'G' or 'T' with the left hand will have difficulty in sticking to his 'own side'. It is, however, easier for a strict touch typist to type on this chair keyboard. Also some keys have been rotated for ease of use, though it may not be so if you are used to the standard keyboard.

Difficult or not, a chair keyboard is meant for your safety, it's better to learn how to use it than get injured using the standard keyboard. Once you get a hang of it, a chair keyboard, it is simple to use and gives you the added advantage of helping to prevent wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome

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