3 Affordable Console Tables with Mirrors

The main characteristic of a console table is its narrowness. Otherwise, it could be any shape, from round to rectangular.

A few designs also incorporate mirrors. Some console tables only have one or two legs in the front and therefore require support from the wall. You must secure such tables firmly with hardware such as bolts or screws. In fact, if you were so inclined, you could make a console table yourself by cutting a table in half and attaching it to the wall.

However, some styles are self-standing and they even work well behind or in front of a sofa as well. Most console tables are sturdy pieces from wood and some feature intricate carvings. If you select a wooden console table, you can find them in many types and finishes and thus the variety of designs is virtually endless.

For best quality, opt for solid wood construction instead of combinations with chipboard or veneer. However, if you opt out of natural wood, you can find very colorful tables from synthetic materials. Other materials for console tables include glass and metal.

Typically, a console table has storage space for small items. Before purchasing one, consider what you need to store on it. Some console tables have drawers where you can put things out of sight, but much of the storage area is commonly visible display space. Therefore, you can display items that match the overall interior decor theme of your living room or foyer, depending on where you use the table.

Try to avoid clutter. You can also put some lamps on the table for some extra lighting. In any case, choose the amount of storage space according to your needs. If you need to store lots of items there, pick a console table with drawers to store things out of sight. Try and stick to the interior decor theme in the room to create a uniform look. A sturdy oak table will look great in a traditional home or in a home with a distinct cottage style.

However, in a modern home that incorporates a lot of sleek lines and a minimalistic style, you might consider a contemporary metal or a console table with mirror.

Below are the various areas you can place a console table, which will add form and functionality to your home.

  • In the hallway - Console tables are perfect for hallways that tend to be small and narrow. Choose a design with drawers to hide notepaper, pens and keys and think about hanging a mirror above to create a feature and make the room feel larger.
  • As a dressing table - Use a console table to create a modern dressing table in a bedroom and place baskets underneath it for extra storage.
  • In a living space - in an open-plan living space, use a console table to separate the seating area from the dining table.

Consider placing two large lamps at either end to create a visual divide, or use the console as a drinks table and display glassware and wine carafes.

As a desk - in multi-purpose rooms, use a slim console table as a desk so it doesn't protrude into the room to far and interfere with the rest of the furniture. Place it in an alcove and fit shelves above for a compact study space.

Console tables are available in all sorts of material with wood being the most popular choice. But you can also get:

  • Mirrored console tables for bedrooms for creating a feminine boudoir feel.
  • Leather or metal tables are good for modern schemes.
  • Glass or perspex console tables are perfect in small, compact spaces.

A console table with mirror or a mirrored console table with drawers can work well in any styled home, especially if you choose one with the right shape. Finding the perfect one will complement the furniture and take things up a notch.

Our Favorite Mirrored Console Tables With Drawers

Mirage Mirrored 2-Drawer Console Table


This mirrored console table with drawers is exactly what we’re talking when looking for that accent piece that’s going to finish off the look in any room.

The mirrored console table adapts to any environment without overpowering it, but it still catches your eye with its unique presence.

The practical size and function works as well in the living room as it does in the bedroom and finishing the piece off are two drawers with faux crystal knobs.

This console table also has a spacious table top for all your gorgeous collectables.

We rate this 9/10.

Capshaw Console 4-Pc Set


This console table with mirror and other corresponding accents offer classic beauty and enrich any room with purpose.

The matching console table with mirror and sconce pair will enhance any entryway or living room and give it a complete look.

The set features an aged bronze patina finish, and the table surface is accented by an antique walnut finish.

Sturdy steel construction offers timeless beauty to your home.

We give this one 9/10, as it’s excellent value for money and perfect for those who are a little less confident with their interior decorating skills.

Mirrored 3 Drawer/4 Door Console Living Room or Bedroom Furniture


The mirrored console table with drawers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea with its elegant gold finish on the trim, but there’s no denying it will instantly add glitz and glamor to any room in your house.

This Powell mirrored console is constructed with a durable wooden frame and includes ample interior storage space for additional convenience.

It features a classic/contemporary design and a wide display area and is an easy way to add eye-catching drama to a room.

Our rating is 9.5/10 based on how stunning the piece looks - there's every chance it will become your favorite piece.

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