Contemporary Console Tables

Recently a friend and I were talking about décor from the 70s and 80s,when we were in our tweens and teens.

We were having a good old belly laugh remembering the pieces of furniture our parents had that we thought we were very cool, and those we didn’t rate very high. We giggled at the La-Z-Boy, a dad’s throne, so to speak and the pouf all three kids would argue over.

The one item of furniture we both had in our homes was the console table, although that’s not what we called it back then.

Ours had our home phone on top, with all my mom’s little telephone books, address books and birthday notebooks in the drawer and if I remember correctly my friend’s parents’ console had photos of family members on it.

There was also a strange shaped vase, which I was convinced was an urn filled with someone’s ashes.

Today we both have contemporary console tables and neither of us are sure if we were influenced by our parents’ décor ideas but I don’t know what I’d do without mine.

A contemporary console table it is a great place to place a vase of flowers, picture frames and any other little bits that make a house feel like a home.

Console tables come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, heights and materials. Choosing one might seem a little confusing but there a few basic tips that can help you decide which type of console table will best suit your purposes and add that finishing touch to a room.

There are lots of styles to choose from including traditional, transitional, modern, rustic or country, eclectic and contemporary.

Let’s take a closer look at the contemporary console tables available. Console tables are made out of different materials like wood, metal, glass, tempered glass and even in acrylic.


Coaster Shearwater Sofa Table

The Coaster Shearwater console or sofa table is without a doubt an accent piece and not for wallflowers.

The design of the table will make a statement wherever you place it in your house. A high sheen black base attaches to striking metal legs for a bold look and the floating glass top completes console table perfectly.

Because it is so different you can place it behind your sofa or against the wall and even with nothing on top it’ll be a decorative piece.

On Amazon the reviews are mostly positive, however the one or two complaints had more to do with the packaging and that the table arrived damaged (Amazon, of course, took care of everything). Overall we give it 9.1/10.


Monarch Reclaimed-Look/Tempered Glass Sofa Table, Dark Taupe

The Monarch Reclaimed-Look/Tempered Glass table is ultra-modern and sleek and will add that little bit of ‘oomph’ your hallway or passageway needs.

If you’re modern with a little bit of country, then as far as contemporary console tables go, this is the one for you.

The chic dark taupe reclaimed wood-look table with thick tempered glass sides brings the very best of contemporary and transitional together, without compromising on function.

Keep your favorite flowers in a vase or if you’re limited with space it doubles up as a work station. It's an 8/10 product and you'll find the majority of people are very happy with their purchase.


Pure Décor Acrylic Console Table

Clear or glass acrylic contemporary console tables are functional and don’t take up as much space because they’re almost ‘invisible’.

Where a heavy oak or mahogany table is going to make a space look cluttered, an acrylic console table will leave the room feeling airy and as spacious as before.

Just so you know, an acrylic table is more prone to getting scratched so if you’re thinking of placing it at the doorway for keys and coins it’s going to get damaged.

But if your table is to display a few beautiful items then it will be the perfect accent piece for your home. If you like simple design, this is perfect for you. Our experts had such wildly different opinions that we couldn't agree on a rating for the website.


Chrome Finish Tempered Glass Sofa Console Shelf Table

This contemporary console table has beautiful chrome finished legs complemented by a tempered top clear glass.

An acrylic console table or one with tempered glass is usually preferred to a ‘normal’ glass because they don’t break into sharp pieces.

This tempered glass console table will work well even in a home with children. It’s great smaller homes or apartments and finishes off a room with a touch of style and class. We rate it a pretty darn impressive 9.5/10.


Convenience Concepts French Country Hall Table, Blue

It’s amazing what a touch of color can do. Contemporary console tables in a different color change the look of a room in an instant.

The Convenience Concepts French Country Hall Table offers timeless elegance and will add a subtle but very effective accent to entryways, hallways, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

The table can be used in different ways, such as providing space for holding a bouquet of flowers, a framed photo, an art object, a few books, decorative boxes and your favorite ornaments.

The traditional table features a built-in small drawer under the top surface as well as a bottom shelf, allowing for more storage options.

The simple lines and grooves create a gorgeous table that will fit into any home, regardless of style, but stand out as a true accent piece should. At 10/10 our reviewers like it as much as real-world customers do.

An acrylic console table is often a popular substitute for glass because it’s not as heavy and as much of a safety issue.

The downside is that it can scratch easily, so make sure how and where you will be using it. Near the doorway for keys, coins and phones isn’t going to work, but in a low traffic nook with books and a vase is just perfect.

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