Silver Console Tables

The console table is, in our opinion, a wonderfully versatile and underrated piece of furniture. It's perfect for an entry hall, but equally perfect behind a sofa, or in any awkward spot that needs a piece to give it a little extra presence.

For too long they have been the unsung heroes of the furniture world for a long time, but finally their time has come. Everyone should have one, and there’s one for every home, regardless of the size.

Keep in mind that it’s going to be the first piece of furniture that a family member or guest sees when entering your home, so getting the right design is essential for first impressions.

Practicality is also important therefore if you require storage; purchase a console table that features drawers - as console tables must be an elegant space saver Once you’ve decided on adding it to your home there are a few things to keep in mind, from choosing the right one to placing it and decorating around it.

If you’re placing your console table in the passageway then it might be a good idea to pair it with a mirror.

An interesting frame will add extra style and also be practical for you to take one final look at your fabulous self as you dash out the front door.

If you have the space then a console table is a great solution for where to put those extra chairs you only use when your dining room table has the leaf in, and it's the perfect spot for doing that Mr. Rogers thing with your shoes when you walk in the door.

A lot of console tables also have a bottom shelf, which can be used for a sculpture, an interesting collection of basket hat boxes or for a stack of books.

If you happen to have a console table without a shelf at the bottom, you can still use it for extra storage, like ottomans or larger boxes, and of course we’re not talking about cardboard boxes.

Best Silver Console Tables


Metal/Glass Console Table – Silver

Bring contemporary style into your home with this transitional silver console table. The brushed silver finished frame with black distressing is a stunning contrast against the glass table top and convenient glass shelf.

The two-tiered design forms a shadowbox effect that makes this table a perfect canvas for displaying books, photos, or other precious keepsakes.

It also provides ample storage space. A good place for the glass top console table is along the back of your couch on in your entryway.

It scores 9 out of 10 with most of our experts commenting that it’s good value for money, given the price.


LexMod Gridiron Stainless Steel Console Table

If you’re going for an edgy modern looking piece of furniture then this silver console table has your name on it.

The stainless steel table from LexMod blends linear components with a pleasantly stainless steel tubular effect.

The Gridiron tubular silver console table is famous not for its radical shape, but for the strategic transcendence that it provides.

It is perfect for reception rooms, living and lounge areas, and any other place in need of brilliant transformation. With a 9.5/10 average score, our reviewers are very happy to recommend it.


Hillsdale Abbington Console Table

The Hillsdale Abbington Console Table combines silver and glass in a stylish up to date way. The silver console table with glass top is a combination of a muted pewter finish, elegant scrollwork, and gracefully curved legs.

The glass top console has a matching glass topped end table and coffee table, and you can accent your entire living room, den or foyer with all three pieces, however we think less is more and the silver console table is strong enough to stand alone.

For quality and price, we rate the Hillsdale Abbington glass top console table 8.5/10.

It might sound strange but having an exotic looking console table at the front door is more inviting and almost encourages guests to look around, because chances are, if you have something that beautiful on entry, the rest of the home is going to filled with lots of little details.

A console table with drawers on top and baskets underneath for throwing those "in and out the door" items like your keys, wallet, mail and shoes creates a ‘landing zone’, letting you know you’re home and you can once you’re rid of all those bits ‘n pieces you can finally relax.

Not everyone has a large passageway and there’s no need to stress if you think yours is too narrow. Even a tight space can handle a shallow console table and silver or glass top console will actually make the space look bigger.

The right setup with a console table turns what could have been a humdrum hallway into a glamorous space.

Don't have an actual entryway? (Don't feel bad, a lot of people don’t.) You can still use the console strategy along a wall in a living room.

It also translates nicely to the way you might set up the top of a sideboard or buffet in your dining room.

Sometimes if you’re stuck for ideas as to how to decorate on and around your console table, let it be the muse itself. Let the table inspire your décor.

And here’s a little tip; even with all the style guides, and the how not to books, at the end of it all, it’s your home, your table and your space. You can actually do whatever you want.

At the moment I love the versatility of the silver console table as well as ones with glass tops. Glass console tables are perfect for smaller spaces as they give you a larger perception due to a transparent material design.

They also blend easily with other furniture and décor due to its simple yet modern qualities. The glass top console tables create a striking impact and are ideal for a more modern look. They’re also ideal for bedrooms for creating a boudoir feel.

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